At AtoJ Labs India, we are passionate about making the best product. Coupled with our Japanese language capabilities, we offer you the best of India and Japan.



Closely working with Japan, we have adapted their professional work ethics of making sure everything is done on time and of high quality. Going by the country’s KAIZEN spirit, we are not afraid to try our hands at something new and different in order to achieve optimum results for a project.

We speak Japanese (and Ruby on Rails). We build products. We spend time and effort amassing talents and grooming them into the best developers. If we boil our approach down to one objective, it would be creating and designing the best product that users want.


Research, Insights, App Development, UX strategy, prototyping, UI design, Ongoing support.


We are looking for a senior Ruby on Rails developer (at least 2 years experience) who can get things done, take ownership of features, and come up with scalable solutions to challenging problems.


  • Someone who can work remotely with a team based in Japan
  • Work hours and work location can be negotiated
  • Ruby on Rails
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL/MongoDB
  • Git
  • Pluses: Node.js, ReactJS


  • Send us your CV and a link to your portfolio/GitHub profile.
  • Show us a Rails project which you worked on that you are most proud of
  • Tell us how many hours a week you can commit
  • Send everything to: *